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Holistic Care for Every Member of the Family

At First Step Family Wellness, we provide a wide range of services to support your body. Whether you’re seeking chiropractic care for your entire family or specialized support during preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum stages, our team is here to help you. Guided by the principles of natural healing and recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, we strive to offer bio-individual support, empowering your body’s innate capacity to heal itself.

Family Wellness Chiropractic

Preconception, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Wellness

Pediatrics (Coming Soon)

Cranial Work

GI Support

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) - Emotional Release

Chronic Stealth Infections

Methylation Therapy

Parasite & Mold Support

IV Therapy

Nutritional Support

Extremity Therapy & KT Taping

RightEye Vision Therapy

Red Light Therapy

Lab Testing



Endonasal Technique

What People Are Saying

My family has seen both Dr. Jana and Dr. Jeanne and have loved both providers, as well as everyone on their staff. They were warm, kind, and knowledgeable, while treating the whole person in a thorough and thoughtful manner. They are highly trained, especially in pediatrics and pregnant and nursing women. Not only is the care worth every penny, but the office offers a wellness community that goes above and beyond. I highly recommend 1st Step Family Wellness for all your chiropractic and wellness needs.

Dana J.

Dr. Michelle is the best! We went to her, to help our son with PANDAS, and she has been AMAZING!!! we are finally getting our sweet boy back! There have been a few adjustments, where he was very aggressive and out of control of himself, she adjusted him, and he was right back to his normal, happy self! We will continue to see her, and will now be bringing our daughter to her!

Katie R.

I went here as a last resort. I had been struggling for years with PCOS and extreme menstrual issues that were debilitating when they would come. I have seen multiple ob/gyn and endocrinologist, all who would point only to weight Loss, birth control, and metformin. All of these medications have given me more problems than solutions. Ryan, DC was understanding listened to my feelings and symptoms and we are see true results and regulation! I would tell anyone and everyone to go here if they are having problems that have not been help with conventional medicine.

Sharon R.

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