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Dr. Jeanne has been treating my entire family for quite some time now. Through my entire pregnancy she worked one on one to keep my body aligned and ready for delivery. She has been helping my son with digestion problems and a slight deformation of his head since he was a born. My eight year old daughter absolutely loves her and is also a patient of hers. Doctor’s have tried and failed to help my husband with joint and muscle pain. He didn’t see how chiropractic care could ever help, but decided to give it a try anyway.  He now has great faith in the treatment plan Dr. Jeanne has designed for him.  She has a true gift, a passion and a love for her practice. It is a great honor to recommend her to everyone! -Lisa E.

Dr. Jeanne has been treating my family for over a year now.  My 9 year old daughter was having mood problems and trouble focusing in and out of school.   I had been going to a chiropractor for several years and thought we would see if it could help her.  Dr. Jeanne explained everything she did before it happened which made my daughter comfortable with the adjustments.  We began to see changes in the first few weeks of treatment.  She was a happier child and started doing better in school.  The success we had with my daughter made us decide to see what it could do for our son.  He is 7 years old and we’d been experiencing outbursts, anger issues and eating problems with him.  Before we even started treatment Dr. Jeanne was working with me to make changes in his diet and ways to control his anger.   In the beginning he was a little nervous about the adjustments and hearing the “popcorn” sound as he explained.   So Dr. Jeanne used other ways to adjust him so he did not hear the “popcorn”.   Dr. Jeanne is so good with him and just has a natural way with children.  Dr. Jeanne is fun and energetic and is very passionate about everything she does.  She gets to know you on a personal level and has helped us make healthy changes to our lifestyle.   My kids actually ask to see Dr. Jeanne now and are disappointed if it’s not their turn for an appointment.  -Dawn S.