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Nutrition & Enzyme Therapy


Dr. Ryan, Dr. Jeanne, and Dr. Jana use nutrition in their practice in St. Louis to help the body heal itself. 

The foods that are put in the body are very important for proper growth and function. While this is typically a well known fact, it is said so often that we forget what that really means for us. The food we put in our bodies supplies the nutrition we need; or it should anyway. What we consume affects how our bodies perform on a day to day basis.

The Fast Food Crash

For example, we’ve all had that exhausting day, when we’re starving and decide to just hit a fast food drive thru on the way home because we’re absolutely starving. Then, after we shovel all the processed “food” into our body, we quickly regret it. Why do we regret it? We regret it because we feel tired, sluggish, and lethargic afterwards! Process foods not only weigh us down (and add weight where we don’t want it), but it also wreaks havoc on our bodies.

The good news is the opposite is also true! When we fill our bodies with healthy, organic foods, we fuel our bodies and feel energized. Stop and think again for a minute how that fast food made you feel. Crummy, right? Okay, now think about how you feel when after you eat say, fish and asparagus, or a nice greens salad with chicken. So how do you feel? Ready to take on the world, right?! It’s paramount we listen to those tell tale signs our bodies whisper to us. This is what good nutrition is all about; feeding our bodies healthy foods that fuel us for our day, so that we are energized for our daily tasks. To learn more check out our blog,“Donut vs. Broccoli: The Enzyme Effect”.

Find Your Support System

This is why both doctors not only advise their patients on a whole foods, anti-inflammatory diet, they live it as well. They are more than happy to be your support system when you are making that transition to a healthy lifestyle, by eating what is right for your body. Call today to schedule your nutrition consultation.

Many people do not realize the amount of things their nutrition can affect. Here are some of the common problems proper nutrition can help with:

    • Fertility

    • Insomnia

    • Digestive Issues

    • ADD/ADHD

    • High Cholesterol

    • Seasonal Allergies

    • Weight Loss

    • Asthma

    • Headaches/ Migraines

    • High Blood Pressure

  • Musculoskeletal Pain

Beyond the Stepping Stone

Nutrition is the stepping stone for a road to better health. Unfortunately though, due to the way our food is farmed, it doesn’t have the same level of nutrients food use to have. That is why their nutrition consulting in St. Louis has other avenues to assist in your optimal health.

Dr. Jeanne has been trained as an Internal Health Specialist. She uses enzyme therapy to help her patients digest, absorb, and eliminate the diet they are consuming. After a postural evaluation, stress point exam, and 24-Hr urinalysis, Dr. Jeanne will come up with an individualized plan for each patient.

For more information on Enzyme Therapy, go to http://www.enzymeformulations.com/

 Whole Food Supplements

1st Step Family Wellness uses high quality whole food supplements. All of the product lines use high quality ingredients in the products they sell. Each company also has a quality control branch which makes sure that the supplements are what they say they are, and nothing extra. The supplements carried at the office range from a multi-vitamin and minerals for children, prenatal vitamin (for pregnant women), and  Omega-3s, B12, iron, probiotics, and specific support for each organ. The great thing about the children’s products is that they taste great, and samples can be tried before purchasing! Protein powders and detox kits can be purchased as well. Below are some the product lines carried at 1st Step Family Wellness’ St. Louis wellness center.

Dr. Ryan and Dr. Jeanne, are distributors for Juice Plus as well. They have been using the chewable product for years. Most Americans, especially children, do not eat the servings of fruits and vegetables needed to remain healthy.  Juice Plus is a great alternative! Once starting the product, the “Juice Plus Effect” takes place, which means that children tend to eat more fruits and vegetables than they did before. This is because our bodies crave what we put into them. So if you eat sugar, you will crave sugar. If you eat fruits and vegetables, you crave fruits and vegetables. Dr. Ryan and Dr. Jeanne feel so strongly about the positive effects of Juice Plus, that they give them to the children that come into the office after treatment. The kids love them!

For more Information on Juice Plus, go to www.juiceplus.com