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Lauren Hippard

Occupational Therapy

Lauren discovered her passion for Occupational Therapy while first witnessing the profession’s purpose of promoting function and independence during her work as a Patient Care Technician in the Pediatric Wound Department of St. Louis Children’s Hospital. While pursuing her Master’s of Occupational Therapy at Saint Louis University, Lauren’s research interests focused on the sensory processing disorders and social emotional deficits impacting young children’s daily occupations of learning through play and social interactions as a possible result of poverty or homelessness. Lauren also volunteered at Ride on St. Louis, an equine assisted therapy facility, servicing clients with mild to severe impairments and multiple disabilities to promote core strengthening, motor control, and balance reactions through the constant movement and sensory input provided while riding a horse.

Sensory Processing

Lauren’s work at 1st Step Family Wellness in St. Louis entails the development of an individualized plan based on informal evaluation that includes a set of personalized exercises and activities to assist those who are experiencing sensory processing and modulation challenges. Lauren provides information on how the eight sensory systems work together and what happens when they don’t, practical solutions and activities for self-regulating, and how to support those with sensory issues in an effort to promote learning, concentration, and general comfort in their daily environment.
In addition to her work at 1st Step Family Wellness, Lauren works as a school-based OT with the Saint Louis Public School District and at Miriam Learning Center in Rock Hill, providing services to students ranging in age from three to ten years old with developmental delays and neuro-dysfunctional diagnoses. Her scope of practice focuses on helping children with their fine motor and sensory processing deficits and delays as well as the promotion of independence as a student functioning in the school environment.
Lauren lives in Dogtown, the traditionally Irish neighborhood of St. Louis with her soon to be husband, Bobby. In her off time, she enjoys spending time with her family, picnicking and riding her bike in Forest Park, and backpacking through new countries around the world.