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Pediatric Chiropractic: Why Should I Bring my Child to a Chiropractor?

Why Should I Bring my  Child to a Chiropractor?

We talk to tons of people regarding family chiropractic care at our office in Kirkwood, and how it is essential even to the tiniest members of your family. From these conversations, it has become evident to us that many people just simply don’t know why they should bring their children to the chiropractor. Many people know that a chiropractor can help their neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, etc., but don’t realize that chiropractic is about so much more than ridding you of pain (although that is a tremendous bonus to chiropractic care.)

So here’s the scoop on chiropractic care for your child(ren)

Pediatric chiropractic is instrumental to a child’s overall well-being, as well as, helps address acute conditions. Some families bring their infants to be adjusted shortly after birth. The reason why you should have your baby adjusted after birth is to remove the stress (physical stress) that the infant has already been under during pregnancy and birth. The adjustment is used to help the nervous system function optimally at a crucial time for growth, learning, and development.

There are quite a few women that are realizing the benefits of prenatal care, and are being adjusted prior to getting pregnant, and then throughout the entire pregnancy. This can prevent stress on the growing baby by getting the pelvis in the right position to give the baby the most room. It also allows the baby to be in the ideal position throughout the whole pregnancy. The position of the baby in utero has a lot to do with the pelvic position of the mother prior to, and during pregnancy. By getting adjusted, this greatly reduces the rate of breech babies when the mother has been seen throughout their entire pregnancy.

Most common pediatric issues handled by chiropractic care

When it comes to babies, the most common pediatric issues seen in our office in Kirkwood are: breastfeeding issues, infant bowel issues, reflux, cranial issues (helmet), and trouble walking. The amazing thing about working with these pint-sized patients is that they respond very quickly to treatment.  Treatment of these infants (pediatric chiropractic) is far different from the treatment an adult would receive. During the adjustment of a child it is all about using gentle pressure to fix the area of subluxation that can affect the child’s nervous system. Since the nervous system goes to, and controls, every system in the body you can make many changes with an adjustment.

When it comes to treating older children through pediatric chiropractic, there are many natural solutions to these common complaints. As children begin to get older, they may face issues such as: seasonal allergies, food allergies and intolerances, digestive issues, headaches, constipation, etc. At our office we use a combination of pediatric chiropractic adjustments, enzymes, supplements, lifestyle change, probiotics, and homeopathic medicine. We have had  tremendous success with our pediatric patients.

Prenatal and Pediatric Chiropractic: where Dr. Jeanne’s passion is fueled

One of the main reasons this office has such an astonishing success rate, is due to Dr. Jeanne Sandheinrich’s extensive knowledge on the subject. She is ICPA certified, Webster technique certified, Loomis Enzyme certified, and does countless continuing education hours and self-study for these patients. In St. Louis, she is one of the leading doctors in this field when it comes to natural treatment for pregnant women, infants, and children.