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Breastfeeding Support


Congratulations! 1st Step Family Wellness wants to congratulate you and your family on the addition of your bundle of joy! We are so proud of you for seeking out support and information about your decision to try breastfeeding. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) affirm breast milk alone is sufficient to support optimal growth and development for approximately the first 6 months after birth. As you already know, breastfeeding has countless benefits for mother and baby, but unfortunately, it is common for mothers to run into challenges along their breastfeeding journey. Whether this is your first baby or fifth, at 1st Step Family Wellness in Kirkwood, we offer the breastfeeding tips, support, and care you will need to make your breastfeeding journey a successful one for both mom and baby.


Breastfeeding Services

Lactation Consultation-1 hr. initial visit

Lactation Consultation -30 minute follow up visits

**Call for pricing and more details.


Free Mom-to-Mom Support Group every Wednesday at 10 am.

Location: 1st Step Family Wellness

*Childcare not provided, but all aged children are welcome to the group


Reasons You May Seek Breastfeeding Help

Breastfeeding is the best way to provide optimal bonding and nourishment for your baby, but unfortunately, breastfeeding often comes with common challenges, especially in the beginning. Here are reasons you may seek breastfeeding help:

  • Less than optimal weight gain (pediatrician suggesting supplementation of formula)

  • Colic or reflux

  • Breast soreness or nipple pain

  • Desire to increase mother’s milk supply

  • Breast engorgement or oversupply

  • Recurrent mastitis or clogs

  • Desire to spend less time nursing or more efficient nursing

  • Baby has trouble latching on one side or both breasts

  • Baby clamps down or pops off during feeding

  • Mother or baby have difficulty getting enough sleep

  • Breastfeeding with flat nipples

  • Need for general breastfeeding tips

  • Pumping support

  • Planning to head back to work while continuing breastfeeding/pumping

  • Tandem nursing or nursing multiples


At 1st Step Family Wellness in Kirkwood, we have the breastfeeding help you’ve been looking for.


Best Breastfeeding Support in St. Louis Area

While many moms will admit breastfeeding is one of the most challenging endeavors they have experienced, at 1st Step Family Wellness in Kirkwood, we have a collaborative team of specialists in our office to offer you the best breastfeeding care and support in St. Louis:

  • 2 Pediatric Chiropractors trained in infant cranial work

  • 2 Certified Lactation Counselors (CLC)

  • Le Leche League Leader

  • Birth Doula

  • Postpartum Doula

  • Midwife team


Support for Success

When difficulties with breastfeeding arise, it can make the experience for mom and baby less than desirable. Seeking out professional help from qualified professionals, such as the ones on our team at 1st Step Family Wellness in Kirkwood, will ensure that mom and baby are as comfortable as possible. Implementing the breastfeeding tips provided to you will allow your baby to help you produce an adequate milk supply, reduce issues such as colic and reflux, allow both mom and baby to get more sleep, and eliminate breastfeeding pain for mom.

Breastfeeding should be a restful and enjoyable time for mother and baby to bond. The goal of the breastfeeding team at 1st Step Family Wellness in Kirkwood is to provide each mother with the breastfeeding support she needs to continue a successful breastfeeding relationship with her baby.

We hope to see you in our office!

For more information, check out our breastfeeding page under our Conditions Helped tab.