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ChiropracticWellness Chiropractic

Chiropractic uses spinal adjustments to clear the nervous system of interference so that the body can function at the best of its ability. Learn more.


PediatricPediatric Care

Dr. Jeanne Sandheinrich and Dr. Jana Flora treat children with gentle chiropractic adjustments usually consisting of light pressures. She also uses cranial work after birth and for older children to balance the nervous system. Learn more.


Women's HealthWomen’s Health & Fertility

The doctors at 1st Step Family Wellness use a combination of treatments to balance the hormones of the body which can improve fertility, decrease headaches & menstrual symptoms, improve digestive issues, and even weight loss. Learn more.


PregnancyPrenatal Care & Webster Technique

Dr. Jeanne Sandheinrich and Dr. Jana Flora treat pregnant women with gentle adjustments to help with things like back pain. They use the Webster Technique to balance the pelvis for an easier pregnancy and delivery, as well as giving the growing baby room in the womb. Learn more.


NutritionNutrition & Enzyme Therapy

The doctors at 1st Step Family Wellness have an extensive knowledge in nutrition. They use supplementation and nutritional healing to support the body for many different ailments. They also offer nutritional counseling for weight loss and healthy eating. Learn more.



Dr. Jeanne uses acupuncture in conjunction with chiropractic. Acupuncture helps to balance the energy of the body so that the body can heal itself. She uses needling for traditional acupuncture and laser and acupressure for children. Learn more.


Lactation Counseling & Postpartum Support 

Rachel Koester and Renee Muehlfeld lead the breastfeeding support team as our in-house Certified Lactation Counselors. Whether this is your first baby or fifth, we offer the breastfeeding tips, support, and care you will need to make your breastfeeding journey a successful one for both mom and baby. Learn more.


Next Step: Neuro Exercises for Sensory Processing

This is a program offered by 1st Step Family Wellness to help patients with sensory processing issues.  Learn more.


What to Expect

After you make an appointment by contacting the office, you will fill out the required paperwork for you or your child, prior to the first visit.

At the first visit a thorough medical history will be taken, and consultation given. Then the doctor will do a thorough chiropractic exam which includes posture, range of motion, and palpation relating specifically to you or your child. There will be no adjustments given on the first visit so the doctor can come up with a plan of action from all the information gathered. **There are certain circumstances that a patient can be adjusted on the first visit, call the office for questions.

You can expect that the first visit will last no longer than 1 hour, depending on the difficulty of your specific case.

The second visit consists of the doctor explaining what they found, and discussing the plan of action specific to you or your child for the treatments that will be rendered. An adjustment will be given at this visit.

Consultations and Wellness Visits can be scheduled at this time, but duration between visits will vary depending on your personal wellness needs.

For your convenience, if you have an infant, young child or a child with special needs that has a hard time being in the office for an extended period of time, your child has a behavioral issue, or you child is embarrassed to talk about an issue they are having, ie. bedwetting, a consultation may be given over the phone prior to the first exam.