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What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a health issue that affects an astounding 5 million Americans every year! According to the CDC, 80-90 percent of those affected are women. It is an enormously serious issue because fibromyalgia symptoms can be exceptionally vague, but severe. The most notorious side effect of fibromyalgia is muscle pain and fatigue. When asked to describe this issue many patients use the words chronic, widespread, shooting, and tender to the touch. Individuals that suffer from fibromyalgia pain can have severe shooting pain just about anywhere on the body. The frustrating part is it can come on strong and disappear just as fast, then show up in a different part of the body. Imagine how difficult going about your everyday activities would be not knowing when a sudden onset of debilitating pain would arrive.

Fibromyalgia and your nervous system

This is a nervous system issue, and to treat this problem you first need to understand the nervous system and how it works. The simplest starting point is by checking and working with the lymphatic system. This system has two jobs: garbage collection in the body, and fat-soluble fat transportation (about 70% of the fats you consume).

So, you might be wondering what could that system possibly have to do with my nerve pain? Well, I am glad you asked! This is all actually directly related to fibromyalgia pain. You see, fats are not digested like other materials in the body; the fat-soluble ones must first enter into the lymph system, through the heart, into the lungs, and back to the liver and gallbladder before it can be digested. It is important because after fats are broken down and digested, they are the building blocks for the myelin sheath. This is the protective covering for the peripheral nervous system; just imagine it like the coating on the electrical wires in your house.

So think of it like this, if you can not transport your fats, you can not digest them. If you can not digest them, you do not have the building blocks for the myelin sheath, and no myelin sheath means no peripheral nerve protection (like having exposed electrical wire in your house). Without this essential nerve protection, your nerves cannot function properly, and hence the onset of nerve pain and fibromyalgia pain.

Fibromyalgia treatment

There are three major ways we can help patients with fibromyalgia treatment. First, you need to make sure the nervous system is working and communicating well; which requires proper chiropractic care. Secondly, you need to have the lymphatic system checked and optimized. This allows for good transportation of the fats. Lastly, you need to be checking to make sure you can digest the fats when they get to the liver and the gallbladder. This is an issue I see all the time in my office, and have a extraordinarily good success rate in my treatment protocol. If you feel that you may have this issue, and need help treating, it please give us a call at 314-805-7837. You can also reach us through our contact page.